FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Male Enhancement

Q: Is Penile Enlargement Safe?

This product is very safe and has proven so with over 7,000 satisfied patients who have received this treatment. However, just as important as the safety of the product, is the experience of the person injecting the product. Dr. Daniel Moghadam has extensive experience over many years with many different types of filler materials, including the product used for permanent Penile Enlargement injections. With an excellent safety record of this product, as well as Dr. Moghadam’s experience, you can feel comfortable in knowing you will receive the highest level of care and safety as we work with you to achieve your goals.

Q: What are the Benefits of the Penile Enlargement Procedure

The primary benefits of this procedure are convenience, safety and predictable results. The procedure is convenient, as it can performed under local anesthesia with minimal downtime. Patients can return to normal activities such as work and exercise almost immediately. The procedure has an excellent safety record after treatment of thousands of patients. Finally the procedure delivers predictable results and patients can count on achieving significant successive gains with each treatment.

Q: What are the Side Effects?

Compared to the surgical risks of invasive penile enhancement surgery, our male enhancement procedures are considerably less invasive and carry a significantly lesser degree of risk.

With a history of over 7,000 patients treated, this product has an excellent safety record. Any injection of any medication can always carry the risk of bleeding, infection, damage to blood vessels, nerves or surrounding structures . Again, this medication delivered by an experienced physician carries a minimum risk with proper treatment.

Q: Enlargement Surgery vs the Minimally Invasive Procedure?

Dr. Moghadam has performed thousands of procedures on men and women over many years. After looking at all the various surgical options available for Male Enhancement, Dr. Moghadam has concluded this is the safest and most effective procedure available. Simply put, we feel the lack of predictable gains associated with more aggressive surgical procedures are not worth the risks.

We recognize that each patient is different, both in their physical appearance and their individual goals, and we work to provide the individual shape and size each patient wants to achieve. While the procedure requires technical expertise, there is also an art needed to shape and sculpt the penile shaft and head to the liking of the patient.

Q: Are Long Acting Fillers Safe and Effective?

Fillers have been used in the Cosmetic Surgery field for over 70 years. The goal is has always been to inject a substance under the skin, whether it be facial, hand, penile, or other parts of the body resulting in a common reaction that is predictable as per the type of filler agent.

In the 1980’s, very primitive first line non-silicone fillers came to the market. Fillers from this time period generally lasted only 6-12 weeks and while predictable, their lack of longevity was disappointing. Fillers improved over the 1990’s, and longevity increased to months instead of weeks. Long acting Hyaluronic acids (HA’s) were developed in the early 2000’s and can last from 15-24 months.

With the development of this patented filler product we find we can achieve results that are essentially permanent, because your body replaces the filler with your own collagen matrix.

Q: Do Pumps Really Work to Enlarge the Penis?

Medical penis pumps can provide some temporary gains in penis size. Some are FDA approved and are for use primarily in patients with severe erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other medical therapies. The vacuum pump draws tissue fluid into the penis and is trapped in the penis by a silicone ring the placed at the base of the penis. There are also ‘novelty’ penis pumps sold over the counter that can achieve some of the same results.

So the short answer is yes, penis pumps do work, for several minutes to perhaps an hour. Patients who pump at high vacuum levels or for too long can develop blistering of the skin. Additionally, while there is some anecdotal evidence that some slight permanent gains can be achieved with pumping, there is no compelling evidence that this is true.

Q: What Girth Size is the Most Satisfying?

The Girth of the Penis is much more signification in most cases when it comes to the question of satisfaction. Also, another significant factor is the vaginal, anal, or oral capacity to receive a certain girth size. For extreme examples, you can have a very small penis entering a vagina, anus, or oral cavity that has a large capacity or can accommodate a very large Penis.

In this case, the vagina, anus, or oral cavity may not receive enough stimulation from the small Penis, thereby resulting in minimal to no satisfaction (oral cavity stimulation is too capricious but is included in this discussion). The other extreme case is where you have a very large Penis entering a rather narrow vagina, anal, or oral cavity. It this case your Penis may not even be able to enter into the cavity or the experience will be a painful one – excessively stretching and possibly tearing the vaginal, anal, or oral cavity.

Q: Is Bigger Actually Better….When it Comes to Penis Size?

Some say penis size doesn’t matter unless you’re really small or really large. In fact, having a small penis can have a detrimental effect on a man’s entire life and self esteem. The average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.69 inches in girth. Being bigger than average gives many men a confidence boost. Here at Modern Aesthetica, we want to help you decide what size is best for you personally.

Q: What Penis Length is Most Satisfying?

This truly depends on the personal preferences of both partners. While the vagina can stretch to accommodate almost any size penis, that does not mean it will be comfortable. The length of the vaginal canal can vary and many women find that a penis length that hits the cervix to be very uncomfortable. Girth, on the other hand, is a different story. Time and again, studies show that given an option, women prefer a penis that is average length but of larger girth!

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