Scrotal Enlargement

The Scrotum is the pouch like skin located under the penis in the genital area which contains the testicles. It is made of several layers of tissue, including the visual skin layer, and under that skin there are several layers of connective tissue called ‘fascia’ as well as a very thin layer of muscle. The testicles are located underneath this fascia and are separate and distinct from the scrotum and are a complex glandular structure that also contains its own vascular and nerve supply.

Scrotal Enhancement, involves altering the size, shape, and tension of the Scrotal skin area. Scrotal Enhancement involves the insertion of filler material into the Scrotal Skin that will ultimately result in expansion of the scrotal skin resulting in a larger, fuller scrotal area.


Reasons for Enhancing the Scrotal Area

Why Enhance the Scrotal area? There are several reasons why one may consider having this treatment done.

A very small Scrotal area: Some patients may have shrunken testicles and the Penis size simply does not ‘match’ or is not proportionate to the Scrotal area size. In addition, some patients may just want to ‘feel’ more mass in that location, and the filler material, with the subsequent collagen production, will provide this increased mass and feel. For some patients and their partners, this area can be a source of visual stimulation.

Very tight Scrotal skin: If one has very tight Scrotal skin, it will not only feel uncomfortable with the pressure on the testicles, but it will look very tiny and shrunken down. By adding filler to the Scrotum, this will help oppose the strong muscle cell contraction of the Scrotal Skin, allowing the skin to relax and appear much larger.

If you are considering having a Scrotal Enhancement procedure, it can be done simultaneously with your Penile Shaft & Glans Treatments. It is recommended to take 2-3 days off work so you can prepare and adjust to the protocols and time needed for post procedure care.