Frequently asked questions | Penis enlargement treatment in Los Angeles California

Frequently asked questions penis enlargement Los Angeles California

The most Frequently asked questions and the answers to our penis enlargement treatment in Los Angeles, California.

You probably have some questions if you consider a penile enhancement procedure to add width or girth to your penis. To add clarity, Dr. D in Los Angeles, California, is sharing FAQs about the procedure, what kind of results you can expect, the recovery process, and more.

If you are at a disadvantage in size, our Los Angeles, California, non-surgical penis enlargement clinic can help you reach your desired self. Non-surgical penis enhancement in Los Angeles, Ca, is a great way to increase your girth or length if you lack the size. This procedure is an alternative to invasive surgery that is risk-free and sure to boost your confidence by giving you the desired look.

Hyaluronic Acid injectable fillers for enlargening the girth or length of the penis is growing in popularity every year. Men are seeking injectable fillers instead of invasive surgery because it is risk-free. In addition, our bodies naturally produce Hyaluronic acid to support the skin’s structure and retain its moisture.

Is the Los Angeles penile enlargement procedure safe?

Yes, this is a safe procedure. This is why the non-surgically penis enlargement through injectables became so popular due to its safety aspect. It is the safest approach available to thicken the penis.
Although complications could occur, just like any other procedure, they are rare, mainly when performed by an experienced doctor who injects Hyaluronic Acid filler. Temporary swelling and mild bruising are typical complications.

How easy is the procedure?

The procedure to thicken or lengthen your penis through injectables can be performed right after your consultation if you decide to go through with it. We would need roughly 30-40 minutes from start to finish. First, the doctor would apply numbing cream to the penis. You wait 15 minutes; for the penis to go numb. You then lay on your back, and the doctor will inject the hyaluronic acid filler into the space between the skin and the penis shaft. It is unlikely you will experience pain during or after the non-surgical penis enlargement. Where the needle enters from the injection points will be closed within seconds.

How much girth will I gain?

Girth gain will depend on the length of the penis and the amount of filler injected. For example, a 1-inch (2-3 cm )increase in penis thickness would take about 10-15 vials of filler. This increases the thickness of the average penis by roughly 20-30%. Therefore, this is the recommended amount we suggest to start with. However, a shorter penis would not require as much filler; consequently, it would be less costly.

Like any other aesthetic procedure, results vary from person to person, depending on your genetic build, and we cannot accurately predict your results. Some men achieve a greater thickness from a given amount than others. This substantial gain in penis size will require adjustment before any additional increase is contemplated.

The increase in girth can undoubtedly be noticeable during sex for you and your partner. However, we strongly recommend testing your new girth with any long-term partner before opting for a more significant increase.

If you desire a larger girth size, penile injections can be performed at a follow-up appointment. Then, our patients can determine their expected girth gain within medically acceptable limits.

Because the hyaluronic acid filler used for penis enhancement is the most hygroscopic molecule known in nature, it absorbs water from the surrounding tissues. Therefore, we recommend adding girth cumulatively in repeat visits rather than all at once. This method is the safest and best medical approach to increasing the circumference of the penis.

Do I have to visit a hospital to have a penis enlargement?

No. This is an established procedure from aesthetic medicine during office visits. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to increasing the length and girth of the penis. The process is less than 30 minutes when using topical anesthetic cream.

You will be awake during the procedure, and you can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure and walk or drive home. The non-surgical penis enlargement procedure does not require downtime for recovery or stitches and leaves tiny injection points on the shaft from the filler syringe, which will be closed in seconds.

Can I drive home after a penis enlargement procedure?

You can drive home following the procedure.

Are stitches required?

No stitches are required. The needle makes tiny holes to inject the filler solution, and the injection points will be closed within seconds.

Can I have sex after a penile enhancement?

You should wait seven days following the penis enlargement through injectables to eliminate any chance of infection. For the first 3-5 days, the filler is susceptible to movement, another reason you should not engage in sex immediately following the procedure. First, the filler needs to be set in place.

Will my penis be normal after a girth enhancement?

Yes. The penis will not act differently in terms of erection and urination. However, when the penis is soft and hard, it will have more thickness and be longer. Additionally, the angle of the erection may be lower due to the increased weight and may hang a bit lower when soft.

Will the results be instant?

Yes. You will see instant results following the non-surgical penis enlargement for an increased girth and longer penis. You can book your treatment on the same day as your consultation if you desire and have the time. You will not need more than an hour from the start of the consultation to the end of the girth enhancement procedure.

Does the filler reabsorb after the girth enhancement?

Filler reabsorption depends on the type of filler used. There is a semi-permanent and permanent penis enhancement procedures. Results vary from patient to patient.

Will I need a repeat visit after the first girth enhancement procedure?

Depending on your desired look, you may require a repeat visit within 12-18 months.

Due to residual filler, the volume of additional filler required will be lower than in the initial procedure. The procedure stimulates the growth of new tissue through the process of neocollagenesis. However, we can not guarantee a specific level of new collagen growth you will achieve. There have been studies for clinics using injectable fillers to lengthen your penis and increase girth that has reported that up to 50% of the filler volume becomes permanent penis thickness gain.

Is there a limit to how much hyaluronic acid filler I can have?

Your desired results will depend on the initial amount of syringes of filler used. Visit our pricing page to see the three packages we offer. After your initial treatment, if you desire to increase your girth or lengthen the penis even more within medically acceptable limits, an additional filler can be added after two weeks. For the highest level of safety and best results, if you desire a penis girth or length increase, the injectable filler should slowly be added accumulatively.

Can I see a cosmetic doctor for penis enlargement?

No. It’s best to see an experienced doctor who specializes in penis enlargement.

Why have a non-surgical procedure and not penile surgery in Los Angeles?

Invasive Penile surgery has many risks. To thicken and lengthen your penis, invasive surgery is unnecessary when injectable fillers have proven to work. Injectable penis fillers are the safest and most effective to enhance your penis.

Benefits of size enhancement by using hyaluronic acid injectables include:

  • minimal to no pain
  • minimal to no recovery time
  • results are predictable
  • safe and low risk
  • minor to zero complications
  • non-invasive to the penis
  • The penis enlargement procedure is roughly 30 minutes
  • no surgical cutting, stitches, and minor bleeding, if any.
  • no scarring
  • only anesthetic cream is needed to numb the shaft
  • no requirement for general anesthesia or epidurals
  • size gains are substantial
  • affordable with a lower cost than surgery
  • maintenance of girth gains costs less than fat transfer surgery (fat absorbs and requires repeat surgeries)
  • increased rate of patient satisfaction
  • repeatable for cumulative penis enlargement.

What is an average size penis? Should I consider penis enlargement?

Considering a penis enlargement is a personal decision. Most men choose to have this non-surgical penis enlargement procedure to boost their confidence in and out of the bedroom. A majority of our patients have an average size penis. Although this is just a recommendation, for those in long-term relationships, you should also consider your partner’s preference. It is essential to have compatibility between female and male sexual organs to eliminate dissatisfaction in the bedroom. For example, if your partner prefers a smaller penis or a larger one, it may be advised against following through with an injectable penis enhancement.

Is Hyaluronic Acid dangerous or toxic?

Hyaluronic acid “HA” is not toxic; the body naturally produces it. For many years, cosmetic doctors have used HA in facial fillers and throughout certain body areas. You could even swallow Hyaluronic acid, which would not damage the body.

What if I don’t like the results of the non-surgical penis enlargement? Can I remove it?

Yes, but time is of the essence. The Hyaluronidase enzyme dissolves the HA filler into water, where it then passes safely out of the body. Therefore, hyaluronic acid injectable filler penis enlargement is a safer approach to penis enlargement than other methods.
It is doubtful you won’t be pleased with the results. If for whatever reason, you wish to return to your average penis size, the doctor can inject the enzyme to dissolve it instantly into water. However, Once your body begins creating new collagen, the results will be permanent, and your original size may not be achieved.

Do I need pre-tests for this procedure?

There are no pre-tests required.

How long does the penis enhancement procedure take?

The penis enhancement procedure takes less than 30 minutes on an outpatient basis. After that, you can leave the clinic and walk or drive home straight away.

Who should I contact for the best penis enlargement doctor near me?

Using an injectable doctor with years of experience to perform a penis enhancement in los Angeles, California, is essential. You do not want to end up with irreversible results. Dr. D at the Los Angeles penis enlargement clinic can offer:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Financing Available
  • Effective and safe procedure
  • Permanent results
  • 1000’s procedures performed

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