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As a man, creating blood flow to your penis is crucial. In addition, healthy maintenance is essential for your physical and mental well-being, permitting your penis to perform at its best. Because, as men, most of us feel the same; if it’s not functioning correctly or not looking its best, our confidence is hindered.

Fortunately, there is not much maintenance to keep your penis in good condition. But, just as exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a healthy balanced diet are suitable for your general health, it’s also good for your penis. Below, the Santa Monica male enhancement clinic will discuss penis health and the best way to promote blood circulation to prevent erectile dysfunction and ways to avoid typical hygiene issues.

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What is penis health?

Penis health pertains to the performance of your penis, the ability to get and maintain an erection, and proper hygiene to reduce the risk of infection or STDs. Simple habits such as staying active, exercising, maintaining healthy body weights, and eating healthy will stimulate your cardiovascular system, positively impacting your sexual performance and the function of your penis. On the other hand, habits such as smoking or drinking excessively can negatively impact the function of your penis.

Tips to improve penis health | Santa Monica male enhancement doctors 855-930-2771

Just like you take care of the rest of your body, taking care of your penis is the same. However, there are other things you should be aware of when it comes to taking care of your penis to prevent erectile dysfunction. Below our doctors discuss tips and tricks, most self-explanatory, to maintain a healthy penis and ensure proper function with top sexual performance.

Frequent exercise

Proper blood flow is the key to healthy erections. And as most of us know, exercising is one of the best things we can do for our cardiovascular system to promote blood flow. In addition, exercising has many benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, helping to maintain a healthy body image and body weight, improves your mental health by reducing the risk of developing depression or anxiety, which can affect the function of your penis. So exercise often, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far away and walk; every step counts, every minute counts. Additional movement of at least 30 minutes daily has been proven to improve your cardiovascular health.

Incorporate a balanced healthy diet

 Food that is good for your cardiovascular system, for example, non-processed food, improves your sexual health. Although there is not a perfect diet that gives you optimal erections and sexual performance, eating balanced meals rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals is typically the best way to go. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains generally are the best diets for your cardiovascular health, in turn playing a positive role in the ability to have an erection.

Moderate consumption of alcohol

 Many men can relate to trying to have a romantic night after drinking too much and their penis either:

  • is not fully erect
  • lacks sensation
  • takes forever to ejaculate or
  • all the above.

There are reasons for this, and it’s evident that alcohol affects your sexual performance negatively. Men who drink too much frequently or abuse alcohol has been linked to high levels of sexual dysfunction. Examples include premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, or erectile dysfunction. While most sexual issues are temporary, not having the ability to be erect can undoubtedly ruin your night. Therefore, keep your consumption of alcohol to a minimum to ensure a healthy, satisfying time.

Maintaining your ideal body weight

 Men who are overweight have been linked to an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. To have a healthy sex life, keep the weight off or cut your calorie intake to lose weight.

Smoking is detrimental to your cardiovascular system

 The statement above is a no-brainer. Unhealthy habits like smoking can kill your sexual performance. If your cardiovascular system is not functioning the way it should, the ability to have an erection will also not function. There is a direct correlation between smoking cigarettes and erectile dysfunction. If you quit smoking, it’s better for your health, heart, lungs, and loved ones; it will also positively impact your sexual health.

Healthy sleep habits

 A lack of sleep can affect you in more ways than one. If you continuously have unhealthy sleep habits, it can negatively impact your cardiovascular system, affecting your penis and reproductive system. In addition, men with inconsistent sleep patterns are at a higher risk for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes 2, which can impact sexual performance and erections. Getting at least 7 hours or more of sleep a night is advised to reduce your risk of health issues, not just penis issues.

Proper hygiene for your penis

 Keeping your penis clean is equally as important as anything else. Proper penis health through good hygiene is an excellent habit for erectile function. In addition, cleaning your penis thoroughly helps prevent a build-up of dead skin cells, oil, and moisture, reducing the risk of infection.

Mental health and sexual health

 Mental health and sexual health are correlated. Studies have proven men who have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety are at high risk for erectile dysfunction. Mental illness reduces your testosterone levels while increasing the cortisol levels in your body, preventing proper blood flow to your penis. Regardless of how your stress begins, it can affect your sexual performance.

If you have a mental illness or suffering from anxiety or stress, and you cannot have an erection, look at ways to reduce your stress levels. For example, exercising or using therapy techniques such as meditation or sex therapy may help you overcome your anxiety and reboot your sexual performance.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

 Pelvic floor muscles run between your tailbone and pubic bone. Strengthening these muscles can improve your sexual performance. Performing these exercises is simple and can be conducted within a few minutes while watching TV before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. Additionally, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent leakage after you pee.

Limit Pornography

 If you find yourself watching extreme porn or flipping through magazines and you struggle with erectile dysfunction, it is advised to limit your exposure to pornography. Like an addiction, consumption of pornography and negative sexual performance is linked. It can prevent you from having an erection or staying erect during sex. In addition, the more you watch, the more extreme content you will need to perform. However, the good news is once you stop watching pornography, your symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be reversed, and your sexual performance can improve.

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