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How are depression and anxiety related to erectile dysfunction?

Mental health in the United States is rising more than ever, especially after the pandemic. Depression and anxiety are prevalent health problems; unfortunately, they can lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction. It can affect your day-to-day routine activities, and for men struggling with mental illness, it can lead to secondary problems like sexual performance or their ability to have erections. In addition, research has been linked to men who suffer from anxiety, depression, or both also suffering from erectile dysfunction. So it’s real, men; know there are many options to help you with mental health concerns and ED.

How is mental health connected to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

The brain sends signals throughout your body; however, when depression or anxiety is present, it can disrupt the brain’s signals. There are ways to overcome this, which relate to controlling the stressors. Just like your body endures healthy stress after exercising, the high from being promoted or spending time with your new partner, your body produces testosterone, the feel-good sensation.

The same happens during a sexual performance, and stress and depression fall under this category. When you are sexually stimulated, the testosterone produced in your body helps relax the penis’s blood vessels which then gives you an erection.

How can cortisol affect sexual performance?

When the body is under unhealthy stress, depression, or anxiety from relationship problems, work problems, or traumatic events, your brain releases a hormone called cortisol instead of testosterone. Cortisol affects sexual performance by constricting the blood vessels in the penis, prohibiting blood from flowing properly to the penis. The result is the inability to have an erection.

Long-term production of high cortisol levels caused by anxiety or depression, in turn, decreases the testosterone levels the body produces. As a result, men with mental illness who suffer from low testosterone levels and cannot have an erection experience erectile dysfunction.

What can I do for erectile dysfunction if I suffer from depression?

While every person’s body is different, the answer will also be different for every person. However, our Santa Monica non-surgical male enhancement doctors can help you with basic steps to help identify your erectile dysfunction if you suffer from depression.

  1. Determine if there is an underlying health problem causing your ED

First, we will ensure your body is in good physical shape inside and out. ED symptoms are physical, not psychological, conditions. Therefore, it is essential to investigate the root cause by performing exams. Common causes of erectile dysfunction are caused by underlying health conditions like diabetes, prostate cancer, heart disease, or if you smoke. If none of the above reasons are present and you are in good physical shape but suffer from depression or anxiety, our doctors will proceed to the next step.

  1. When ED is caused by anxiety or depression

If your ED is caused by anxiety or depression, your primary care providers will first focus on treating your mental health issues through therapy and prescribed medication. If the mental stressors are relieved, erectile dysfunction symptoms will likely improve.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and a therapist are typically the first method options to treat depression and anxiety. However, some doctors may prescribe medication right away, depending on the severity of your mental illness. If you are prescribed medicine, keep in mind it typically takes four to six weeks for the medicine to start effectively working. So do not get discouraged if you don’t see a difference immediately. As with any treatment plan, keep an open line of communication with your healthcare provider about your feelings, so they can adjust anything if needed.

  1. Treat erectile dysfunction directly

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction may still be present after treating mental illness or having it under control. The possible side effect of many anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines is ED, but changing your prescription may not always be the best option. But there are solutions because medications like Viagra or Cialis treat erectile dysfunction.

For those men who prefer the holistic approach to fixing their ED, sex therapy can be beneficial. This therapy focuses on improving ED and is especially helpful if you have PTSD or have experienced abuse.

  1. Other considerations

Pornography-induced erectile dysfunction is a thing. Although ED caused by watching too much pornography isn’t related to mental health disease, it affects the mind and your sexual health. Studies have shown the more frequently men watched pornography, and they regularly experienced erectile dysfunction. Like an addiction, men had to watch more videos or extreme content for men to have an erection over time. Additionally, men could not enjoy sexual encounters with their partners as much. The good news is symptoms dissipated when they didn’t watch pornography for a few weeks.

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