Is Summer Penis a Thing?

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Yes, you read that correctly. During the hot weather in summer, our bodies naturally try to regulate themselves, and our sexual organs are no different. Summer penis is a thing.

Have you ever noticed a difference in your penis size in the summer and winter months? That’s because, in summer, we tend to sweat more and drink more water to stay hydrated. This is the body’s effort to regulate itself. Summer months bring the need to stay hydrated due to the heat. Sweating and drinking more water makes the body parts appear swollen in summer due to the body’s effort trying to regulate the temperature and the sexual organ is no exception.

Ever noticed the difference in your penis size during seasons?

Or how your shaft becomes longer in summer and a shower shorter in winter? Or maybe you haven’t noticed how long your penis gets in summer? Men worldwide have reported cases of how fuller and longer their penises get in summer. So we suggest you keep reading to discover how seasons and climate change affect your penis size.

The phenomenon of the summer penis 

Nothing is strange about your penis looking bigger because other body parts experience such changes during the heat.

Though it is temporary, the increase in size is noticeable when the penis is relaxed, not just when erect. Doctors worldwide have confirmed that there is such a thing as a summer penis, though it will not be written in any medical or science journal. So why, then, is it recognized by some doctors?

What do doctors say about the summer penis?

Many urologists will stand behind the phenomenon that blood vessels tend to expand in summer to regulate the heat making your penis appear more prominent and contract in winter, appearing smaller.

This difference in penis size during winter months is typically so slight that you may not be able to measure it regarding girth or length.
However, the summer penis is thanks to the widening of blood vessels in the summer months. During summer, blood vessels dilate or expand in warm environments, which causes erectile tissue to enlarge to its maximum volume.

Take advantage of the summer.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and avoid diving in an ice bath during romantic times; it’s time to show off that summer penis, boys.

Summer penis is not a medical condition; it’s simply your penis expanding due to climatic changes. This occurs in summer and drops when the temperature is low in winter.
The summer penis is real so let’s celebrate and enjoy your romantic time with your partner.

So, if you have a summer penis, flaunt it. Enjoy your nudity; feel confident while it lasts because winter is always around the corner.

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