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As we know, everyone’s sexual function declines as we age. Have you noticed you don’t get aroused as easily? And once you are aroused, it takes longer to get an erection, and after an orgasm, it is even longer to become aroused again? You can thank this for lower testosterone levels. Age can be beautiful, but it can also bring a slew of problems; this is called the life cycle of a penis:

  • a decline in sperm volume
  • erectile dysfunction or the inability to maintain an erection or ejaculate.
  • A decrease in urinary function results in weakened bladder muscles
  • Changes in the appearance of the penis
  • Penis size
  • Curvature and
  • Sensitivity

Some of these changes begin around 30 and into middle age around 60. Some may not notice anything, while it may hit other men hard. Below I Will discuss the most noticeable effects of the life cycle of a penis.

Two significant changes occur in the appearance of the penis.

  • The head of the penis gradually loses its purplish color due to reduced blood flow.
  • And Loss of pubic hair due to reduced testosterone levels. The pubic area slowly reverts to pre-puberty, being hairless.

The size of the penis appears smaller due to the accumulation of lower abdominal fat as we age. The fat can bury the penis by pulling it up and in and making the penile shaft look shorter. How to fix this? Lose weight. By losing some abdominal fat, you can appear to gain up to an inch in length.

Although the apparent shrinkage is reversible through weight loss, the penis does shrink in size, which is irreversible. For example, when you are in your 30s and are 6 inches long while erect, it might be 5 or 51/2 inches in your 60s or 70s. The only solution to this permanent shrinkage is our non-surgical penile enhancement procedure to increase penis girth and length. For a free consultation, contact our Santa Monica Male Enhancement doctors at 855-930-2771.

What causes the penis to shrink?

There are at least two processes involved that cause the penis to shrink as we age.

  1. Fatty substances inside tiny arteries in the penis impair blood flow to the organ. This is the same one that contributes to blockages inside the coronary arteries — a leading cause of heart attack.
  2. Slow building inelastic collagen (scar tissue) within the stretchy fibrous sheath surrounding the chamber where the erection occurs. These chambers fill up with blood making you have an erection. In addition, when there are blockages within the penile arteries and a build-up of scar tissue, erections will be smaller.

The penis is the only sexual organ that changes; the testicles also start around the same time as when your penis begins the shrinking process. And when you’re around 60 years old, your testicles could measure a centimeter less than when you were 30.

If penis scar tissues develop unevenly, the penis can become curved, making erections painful and sex difficult. This typically occurs in middle-aged men and would require surgery to fix. This curvature is called Peyronie’s disease.

Studies have shown the penis becomes less sensitive over time. This can make it hard to achieve an erection and have an orgasm. However, whether it renders orgasm less pleasurable remains an open question.

An essential ingredient for a satisfying sex life is the ability to satisfy your partner, however long or short your penis is. If your partner is pleased, life is good.

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