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Girth and glans penis enhancement Los Angeles, California


Looking and feeling your best in and out of the bedroom is essential. But have you ever wished to give your penis a little upgrade? Good news, you can!

If genetics has given you a disadvantage in size, our Los Angeles, California, non-surgical penis enlargement clinic can help you reach your desired self. Our procedure for girth enhancement in Los Angeles, Ca, is a great way to increase your girth or length if you lack the size. This procedure is an alternative to invasive surgery that is risk-free and sure to boost your confidence by giving you the desired look.

Several creams and pumps on the market claim to increase your size. But these alternatives leave you with less money in your pocket and zero results. At the same time, invasive penis enlargement surgery is a pricey procedure with prolonged recovery time and a high risk of dysfunction. Contact Los Angeles, Ca, penis enlargement clinic to discuss your options by calling 855-930-2771.


Non-surgical penis enlargement is now a thing in Los Angeles, Ca

More men are interested in an extra boost every year without going under the knife and risks. According to Real Self, men interested in penis enlargement have increased by 120% over the last year.

The great news is that an alternative to invasive surgery, creams, and pumps gives you instant results and is risk-free. The non-surgical penile filler in our Los Angeles, Ca, male enhancement clinic provides prolonged and quick results, maintained in an erect and flaccid state. Non-surgical Penile injections increase girth by roughly 20-30%, and they can also be effective in growing penile length by an inch, more or less. Penile injectables can also be beneficial for men who have erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, if you find insecurities with asymmetries or unevenness, penile dermal fillers are your solution.


Penis Enhancement Los Angeles, California: How Does It Work?

Dr. D at the non-surgical male enhancement clinic in Los Angeles, California, says injectable penis fillers are the most common, safest, and most effective procedure for penis enlargement. Although you may cringe when you hear your penis get injected with a needle, numbing cream is applied and typically followed by a numbing injection before the procedure.

The procedure is an injection similar to Sculptra. The body then consumes the bioactive injectable and replaces it with a permanent collagen layer. It is a quick procedure. You will experience minimal downtime and pay 1/3 of the cost of a surgical procedure. Most importantly, it is risk-free. Make your penis bigger without the risk of surgery. You will notice the results immediately. The treatment is ideal for men who are unsatisfied with their size, who have always wanted a bigger penis, or who wish to have more confidence in themselves.

Contact Dr. D at our Los Angeles non-surgical male enhancement clinic for a girth and glans penis enhancement consultation in Los Angeles, Ca. He will guide you through your best options for your optimal desired results. Call us at 855-930-2771.


Is the penile enlargement procedure safe?

Yes, this is a safe procedure. This is why the non-surgically penis enlargement through injectables became so popular due to its safety aspect. It is the safest approach available to thicken the penis.

Although complications could occur, just like any other procedure, they are rare, mainly when it is performed by an experienced doctor who injects Hyaluronic Acid filler. Temporary swelling and mild bruising are typical complications.


Who Can have penile injectable filler?

Don’t just let any doctor perform this procedure or any filler. Doing so could leave you with irreversible issues.

Most men are eligible to get a penis enlargement. However, some are better than others. For example, some men have “hidden penis’s where the skin and fat around the penis hide the appearance. Another instance is if the penis is constricted, caused by a ligament. In cases such as this, an alternative procedure best suits the individual.

However, men who have a perfectly normal penis and are simply looking for girth or length are the best candidates for Los Angeles, Ca, non-surgical penis enlargement given through injectables.


How much girth will I gain?

This will depend on the length of the penis and the amount of filler that is injected. For example, a 1-inch (2-3 cm) increase in penis thickness would take about 10-15 vials of filler. This increases the thickness of the average penis by roughly 20-30%. Therefore, this is the recommended amount we suggest to start with. However, a shorter penis would not require as much filler; consequently, it would be less costly.

Results vary from person to person, obviously depending on your genetic build, and we cannot accurately predict your results. Some men achieve a greater thickness from a given amount than others. This substantial gain in penis size will require adjustment before any additional increase is contemplated.

The increase in girth can undoubtedly be noticeable during sex for you and your partner. However, we strongly recommend testing your new girth with any long-term partner before opting for a more significant increase.

Further injections can be provided at a follow-up appointment if you desire a larger girth size. Within medically acceptable limits, our patients can determine their expected girth gain.

Because the hyaluronic acid filler used for penis enhancement is the most hygroscopic molecule known in nature, it absorbs water from the tissues surrounding it. Therefore, we recommend adding girth cumulatively in repeat visits rather than all at once. This method is the safest and best medical approach to increasing the circumference of the penis.


Penis enlargement method in Los Angeles California

The penis enhancement procedure in Los Angeles is an in-office procedure with zero downtime from work or daily activities. We use dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid that stimulates collagen growth, enhances elastin, and boosts volume and hydration.


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· Permanent results

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Dr. D specializes in non-surgical penis enlargement in Los Angeles, California. Doctor D in California is one of Los Angeles, California’s most sought-after penis enlargement doctors. Men from across the United States visit us for our penis enlargement procedure. Contact Dr. D for your male enhancement girth or length consultation by calling 855-930-2771 for a free consultation today.