Penis surgery, is it worth the risk? Speak to our specialist in California

Penis surgery risks

In most of our blogs, we talk about the benefits of having a non-surgical penis enhancement with our specialists in California. However, today we will discuss penis surgery, whether it is worth the risk, and why you should opt for a non-surgical penis enlargement rather than a penis surgery if you are looking for a boost. Speak to our specialists in California about your non-surgical penis enlargement by calling 1-855-930-2771.

Continue scrolling below to learn more about how the surgical penis procedure works and whether this invasive penis surgery is worth the risks.

How does a penis surgery procedure work?

Penuma is a piece of silicon that is inserted under the skin of your penis shaft to make it appear longer and girthier. This type of surgery is invasive; the silicon comes in different sizes and is designed to fit your specific penis shape. Under general anesthesia, incisions are made just above the base of your penis. Then this foreign device called pneuma is inserted under the skin, pushed down the shaft, and put in its place. This device will stretch the tissues and skin to give you the feeling that it’s larger.

Why is penis surgery high-risk?

Opting for a penis enhancement through penis surgery is not only a high-risk surgery; recovery time is extensive, costly, and severe complications typically follow. Penis surgery is an invasive operation where doctors will insert a piece of silicon under the penis for it to appear longer and wider. Unlike our non-surgical penis enlargement through hyaluronic injections, penis enhancement surgery will not act as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Although this type of penis enlargement surgery is FDA-approved, not many doctors are certified in this procedure. Because of this, it also increases the price and wait time, and it can be challenging to find a doctor to perform the surgery. In addition, it is not covered by insurance, and depending on the location, it will cost between $15000-$20000. You not only need to pay for this high-risk invasive penis surgery out of pocket, but you will also need to take days off of work, depleting your vacation days for recovery.

On top of this, certified doctors recommend, after penis surgery, at least 30 days of non-intense physical activity and 60 days without sexual activity or masturbation. Another thing to consider is if you are not already circumcised, you will need to be before this invasive high-risk penis enhancement surgery.

What are the risks and complications of a penis surgery enhancement?

As with any surgery, there are complications and risks associated. However, when it comes to the functionality of your penis, are you sure you want to risk it?

Below are common complications and risks associated with invasive penis enhancement surgery.

  • Sexually disabling penile deformity
  • Severe shortening Silicon coming apart
  • Edema Blood clots
  • The curvature of the penis
  • Subcutaneous masses
  • Infections of the implant
  • Wounds that don’t heal
  • Stitches coming apart
  • Sexual dysfunction Bruising of the penis
  • Changes in shape Loss of sensation in the penis
  • Pain during erections
  • scarring

On top of these complications and risks with penis surgery, you may experience common side effects and risks with the use of anesthesia, including:

  • Pneumonia
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Hoarse voice
  • Exhaustion


Why would you choose surgical penis enhancement when there is non-surgical penis enlargement?

There are safer options when it comes to giving your penis a boost. You can speak to our California non-surgical penis enlargement specialist if you need that added confidence and want to give your penis a makeover. At our clinic, we have the most sought-after doctor in California performing a non-surgical penis enlargement using hyaluronic acid injectables. When it comes to your penis, it is not worth risking the penis functionality along with severe complications that follow an invasive penis surgery. Additionally, many of the side effects are permanent. The non-surgical penis enlargement procedure is:


  • A fraction of the cost
  • No risks or complications
  • No stitches or scalpels
  • Safe and Effective
  • No downtime off work
  • Boost sexual performance
  • Aid for erectile dysfunction
  • Aid for premature ejaculation
  • Increases confidence
  • Increases libido


There are many benefits of using hyaluronic acid fillers for penis enhancement. If you struggle with a penis complexion or are too small or not girthy enough, speak with Dr. D at our male enhancement clinic. We can recommend our non-surgical penis enhancement option to help you achieve your desired results without risking the future of your penis. Contact our non-surgical penis enhancement clinic today by calling 1-855-930-2771 or filling out our contact form.