Reasons to have a girth and glans enhancement

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Penile girth and glans enhancement are controversial, but enhancement demands are increasing steadily. Not only girth enhancement but penile glans enlargement as well. Below we will dive into why you should have a girth and glans enhancement in our Male enhancement clinic in Santa Monica, California.

Penile size is a big problem in many men’s minds. A man is often troubled by concerns that his penis is not large enough to satisfy his partner or himself. He is ashamed to have others view his penis, especially in his flaccid state. Such concerns might be unfounded in reality and might present social anxiety or some other clinical problem, such as erectile dysfunction. The effects of media and internet usage make this problem more serious.

Most men who request penis enlargement have a normal–sized and fully functional penis but visualize their penises as small. Most patients who seek appearance–enhancing medical treatments report some degree of body image dissatisfaction, which is believed to motivate the pursuit of these treatments. However, patients with extreme body image dissatisfaction may suffer from a psychiatric disorder such as body dysmorphic disorder, a severe disorder of body perception. If you lack confidence due to your glans or penis size, Dr. D at the Santa Monica non-surgical male enhancement clinic has solutions.

What are Glans and girth penis filler and its benefits?

Glans penis filler is a relatively recent PAINLESS non-surgical method fine-tuned by Dr. D at the Santa Monica male enhancement clinic. It consists of the painless insertion of hyaluronic acid (a resorbable filler) into the glans at a superficial level, requiring only local anesthetic numbing.

When injecting hyaluronic acid into the glans creates a barrier between the nerve endings and the outside environment. This is a perfect solution for those who suffer from premature ejaculation because it reduces the glans hypersensitivity and allows you to increase the duration of intercourse.
Enlarging the glans and girth of the penis can also increase your spouse or partner’s sexual pleasure. Enhancing sexual pleasure is caused by increased penis volume when the male glans and penis penetrate the vaginal wall. When the volume of the penile glans is increased, it increases contact stimulation. Contact stimulation can also improve sexual pleasure and enrich orgasms.
The glans are more prominent, and the girth is thicker. This may appeal to you and improve your confidence in and out of the bedroom. Volume gained in glans enhancement is generally between 10-20%, not huge, but notable. Penis enhancement can be either for glans, girth, or both. If you have a penis girth enhancement procedure but not penis glans enhancement, the glans may appear undersized or vice versa.

Is it to use hyaluronic acid for penile glans and girth enhancement?

Many studies have concluded using hyaluronic acid to add volume is harmless and safe for penile glans and girth enhancement. Your body is composed of this compound, and your body will absorb the product. The results are satisfactory, especially for increasing the penile glans or girth and correcting premature ejaculation.

Why choose the non-surgical glans augmentation?

This painless, safe, and straightforward non-surgical penis and glans augmentation method of dermal filler placement produce results. This method is safe and efficient while increasing men’s confidence, duration of intercourse, and satisfaction of the patient and his partner.

What is the procedure, and how long is the process for penis and glans enhancement?

Dr. D uses an anesthetic cream to numb the glans and shaft of the penis. Afterward, he will inject the hyaluronic acid just below the dermis’s superficial layer, increasing the volume of the glans and penis shaft during its flaccid and erect state. After the anesthetic cream is functioning, the procedure is 15-25 minutes. The girth and glans enhancement procedure at the male enhancement clinic in Santa Monica is the safest and most effective method to increase size without risks or long recovery time. Call us to set up your free consultation today by calling 1-855-930-2771.

How long does it take for the final results of penis enhancement to be visible?

The final appearance of your penis after hyaluronic acid injections is typically 10-14 days after the procedure. You may experience swelling or lumpiness within the first few days. This is normal and part of the healing process. However, you can not assess the results based on your healing process.

Some men prefer the size immediately following the penis injections and are unsatisfied after the swelling has subsided. Dr. D at the Santa Monica male enhancement clinic will not add more filler until the swelling has decreased and the filler has settled. Adding more during the healing phase may result in improper filler placement. If you desire an increase in girth or penile glans during your follow-up visit 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment, you can discuss this with Dr. D. at the Santa Monica, California, male enhancement clinic. Call us today by calling 1-855-930-2771 or filling out our contact form.

When can I resume sexual penetration?

We recommend that you allow 4-7 days for the filler to settle fully before resuming sexual penetration or masturbation of your treated penis.

Who is the best penis enhancement doctor near me?

Using an injectable doctor with years of experience to perform a penis and glan enhancement in Santa Monica, California, is essential. However, you do not want to end up with irreversible results. Dr. D at the Santa Monica penis enlargement clinic can offer:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Effective and safe procedure
  • Permanent results
  • 1000’s procedures performed

Dr. D specializes in non-surgical penis and glans enlargement in Santa Monica, California. Doctor D is one of California’s most sought-after penis and glans enlargement doctors. Men from across the United States visit us for our penis enlargement procedure. Contact Dr. D for your penis or glans enhancement consultation by calling 1-855-930-2771.